Thursday, October 3, 2019

Featured cheeses....

New Featured Cheeses!

Each month we are going to feature cheeses from a particular country, region, or state. We are kicking off October with some amazing cheeses from Italy.

Stop in any of our stores for a taste!

Langa La Tur
La Tur is a soft-ripened cheese made from a blend of sheep's, cow's and goat's milk. It is produced by Caseficio dell'Alta Langa in the Alta Lange region of Italy. The cylinder shaped cheese is a light straw yellow colour with an edible soft and wrinkled rind. La Tur tastes of the sweetness of cream and butter, followed by acidic notes and yeasty flavour
It goes with a wide variety of wine pairings, especially those with floral or honey notes.

Robiola due Latti
Made in the Piedmont region of Italy, this mixed milk cheese (cow and sheep milk) is a delectable treat. The paper thin rind covers an unctuous buttery paste that coats the palate. Mild and savory, creamy with a light lingering sweetness, this delicate pillow of soft-ripened cheese is irresistible. Each cheese is about 8 ounces.
Pair with Rose, Champagne, Chenin Blanc

Fontina Val d’Aosta
Made with whole cow milk, from valley of Aosta in Northern Italy. The ivory paste is dense with few intermittent holes. The flavor is mixed with fruity, lactic, creamy, mushroom nuances appearing in layers.
Pair with Barbaresco or any other Nebbiolo-based red, or a full-bodied Chardonnay

Provola del Casale Smoked
From Campania. This cheese is sweet & pleasantly acidic when young, but becomes gradually more spicy & intense due to ageing. It is smoked with certified beech wood chips which gives a chracteristic golden color.

Use this to enhance any vegetable or pasta dish, especially lasagna.

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