Friday, September 8, 2017

Jose Maria de Fonseca - Super Values!!!

From the oldest table wine producer in Portugal (AND the first one to cork wine!), Jose Maria da Fonseca, herald these two lovebirds. With every passing vintage, they just seem to easily become our go-to table wines. JMF Red pairs delightfully with our pizza night (& bolognese) and JMF White just makes scallops (or anything from the sea) taste that much better.

2016 Jose Maria de Fonseca JMF Red...$9.99
Produced from the Castelão and Aragonês (Tempranillo) grape varieties, this fruity & juicy red is like taking a bite of an apple…easy as it is fun. Oak Treatment: 3 months, 2nd year French & American 
With vibrant fruity aromas, it has a touch of oak character, making it ideal to share with family and friends in joyful and relaxed moments. José Maria da Fonseca is the oldest and one of the most prestigious wineries in Portugal, producing wines and Setúbal Moscatel. The Soares Franco family owns José Maria da Fonseca and has been involved in the wine business for almost 200 years. 

2016 Jose Maria de Fonseca JMF White...$9.99
JMF White Produced from Fernão Pires and Moscatel de Setúbal grape varieties, this easy slightly mineral & briny white wins you over with a pleasant aroma and a fruity character.   A stunning value and refreshing white wine worth purchasing by the case.  A new favorite!

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