Saturday, September 9, 2017

Agave de Cortes Mezcal Joven Espadin

Agave de Cortes Mezcal Joven Espadin...$32.99
"AGAVE DE CORTES" House Studio, Packer and marketer of Traditional Oaxacan Mezcal, located in Santiago Matatlán, Oaxaca, Mexico the aptly named "World Capital of Mezcal" Committed to the Environment. All our processes, from planting maguey to packaging of Mezcal, are witnessed by the Regulatory Mexican Council for Quality Mezcal-COMERCAM, which monitors compliance with the Mexican Official Standard NOM-070-SCFI-1994 Beverage Alcohólicas- mezcal-specifications.

Love, Togetherness, Tradition and Brotherly Affection, are ingredients that lead from earth to caligüey, a great Mezcal. 122 years of days, found treasure that marked this land and made them be found, the great great grandfather who believed that James Matatlán, his place and his family. The Cortés family after 5 generations give us a great lesson: It is always good that is done from the heart. .

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