Thursday, December 8, 2016

Prairie Noir and BA Bomb!

The left overs of the Prairie - 
there is not much left, but we are going to send the left over bottles to the other 3 stores for those customers to get some.
None is left at Forsyth.

Prairie Artisan Ales Noir $9.99 / 12oz
Imperial Stout Aged in Whiskey Barrels
11% ABV

Prairie Artisan Ales Coffee Noir...$9.99 / 12oz
Imperial Stout Aged in Whiskey Barrels with coffee beans
Coffee Noir is Prairie Noir kicked up a notch! Whole roasted espresso beans are added to the barrels in order to enhance the roasted and chocolate malt flavors in this intense beer.

Prairie Artisan Ales Barrel Aged Bomb!...$9.99 / 12oz
Imperial Stout aged in Whiskey Barrels with Coffee, Cacao Nibs, Vanilla Beans and Chillies


Prairie Artisan Ales Vanilla Noir...$9.99 / 12oz
Imperial Stout Aged in Oak Whisky Barrels with Vanilla Beans
Vanilla Noir is Prairie Noir aged on organic, fair trade vanilla beans, and let’s just say it takes a lot of beans! The vanilla flavor compliments the whiskey barrel aging process and adds a delicious layer to the beer.

Prairie Artisan Ales Pirate Noir...$9.99 / 12oz
Imperial Stout Aged in Jamaican Rum Barrels
Pirate Noir is our Jamaican rum barrel aged imperial oatmeal stout. This beer takes our already delicious Prairie Noir and adds intense notes of vanilla, coconut, and rum to the beer.
ABV 12%


Patrick said...

Do you have an idea of what time they will be available at the other locations?


Paul Hayden said...

Rock Hill should have them now. New Ballas and Ballwin probably around 3.

Patrick said...

Thank you, sir!

Anonymous said...

Does New Ballas still have any?

Paul Hayden said...

Not sure, you will have to check with them, it was up to them to release it how they wanted to.