Thursday, October 7, 2010

Spirits of St. Louis

Made right here in St. Louis from Square One Brewing

Spirits of St. Louis

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Spirits of St. Louis J.J. Neukomm Whiskey...$39.99
JJ Neukomm Whiskey ~ Our whiskey has been aged in small casks until it picks up the perfect taste & color. We begin with a blend of toasted malts & cherry wood smoked malt to craft an our own special character that you will not find in any whiskey at any price.

Spirits of St. Louis Island Time Amber Rum....$19.99
Island Rum ~ Our rum is made from 100% golden cane molasses directly from the sugar cane fields of Louisiana. It is fermented and run through our still to capture the true flavors that are reminiscent of rum from the Caribbean.

Spirits of St. Louis Regatta Bay Gin...$26.99

Spirits of St. Louis Gin ~ Our gin is an American gin, well balanced with a low Juniper and a higher citrus flavor. We use nine different botanicals including hops to balance this traditional sailing spirit.

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