Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ancient beer

A limited release to the U.S. from Japan -- Back in stock!

Hitachino Nipponia...$10.99 / 18.6 oz bottle
6.5% ABV
"This new “barley malt” {cross polination between the European “Golden Melon” and the Japanese barley malt “Shikoku”} disappeared a “relatively long time ago” {about 50 years ago}.
A few years ago Mr.Kiuchi acquired 16 seeds from the Department of agricultural history in Japan. He started to plant those 16 seeds {on a 2 sqft area!} about 5 years ago. After the first harvest they planted all new seeds again....and did the same the next year and the following .
Last year’s harvest yielded {for the first time} enough “Kanego Golden Malt” to brew the first batch of “Ancient Nipponia” {along with the historic Sorachi Ace hops}" -- importer

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