Sunday, April 28, 2024

Luca Mariano

Luca Mariano Single Barrel 7+ Year Old Bourbon....$69.99
103 proof
Age 7+ Years

A buttery caramel with toasted vanilla nose followed by lightly smoked oak; rich vanilla and caramel flavor with a leathery mouth feel accompanied by tobacco spice, dark honey, and sugared pecan; medium to long finish featuring dark caramel and lavender floral notes.

Luca Mariano Single Barrel 8+ Year Old Rye....$71.99
103 Proof
Age 8+ Years

Leathery vanilla with a robust rye nose accompanied by herbal allspice and tobacco; strong rye spice with black pepper, oak, green apple and caramel with a slight leathery mouth feel; medium to long finish that's reminiscent of allspice, vanilla and orange.

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