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Tepache Sazon Fermented Pineapple


Tepache Sazon Fermented Pineapple...$6.79 / 375ml bottle
Tepache Sazon Fermented Pineapple...$24.99 / 4pk

Tepache is an effervescent Mexican beverage made from a variety of fruits, most commonly pineapple. We make Tepache Sazón from a traditional recipe in the coastal village of San Pancho, Nayarit. We crush and ferment local hand-harvested pineapples with an emphasis on freshness and ripeness.
MADE IN México
ABV 7%

Appearance: Light, amber
Aroma: Crisp, ripe pineapple
Taste: Bursting with bright tropical fruit notes and perfectly balanced tartness. Finishes with a hint of toasted spices.

No Artificial Ingredients
We use locally-harvested pineapples, raw piloncillo, canela, and yeast in our production. We add sulfites to preserve color and flavor.

Naturally Gluten Free
Tepache Sazón is naturally gluten free, making it a fantastic alternative to your favorite beer when your stomach just isn’t feeling up to it

Mexico is the only place on the planet where real traditional tepache could ever exist. We have the ideal conditions for the fruits and spices to grow, as well as the right tropical weather that makes it so unique. It is time to recognize tepache, once again, as one of the great Mexican drinks and bring it back to the table to enjoy with friends and family.

An endemic fruit from the Americas, pineapple has a long history in Mexico. This king of fruits was grown and traded by the Mayan people before the arrival of the Spanish with ancient mosaics depicting its use in Mayan rituals. The exact origin of the seedless pineapple we know today has never been confirmed, but here in Mexico there exists a vast array of endemic Bromeliaceae species, of which the pineapple is a member. Pineapples are known as piña in Spanish and ananas throughout most of the world.

To cultivate our pineapples, we work with Memo Topete, whose family has established itself as a top multi-generational pineapple cultivator in the region. Their experience in all things related to pineapples is invaluable in planting, tending, and selecting fruit of the finest quality.

Although there are around 38 different varieties of pineapple in existence, Tepache Sazón is made from a specific type of pineapple called piña miel, translated as honey pineapple. This variety is a hybrid that is valued throughout the tropical Americas for its balanced sweetness and acidity.

This traditional ingredient is made by crushing fresh sugar cane and boiling it slowly until you get a thick syrup. It is finally dried in wooden molds to capture the rich flavor of this natural sugar cane juice. In the trapiche, the sugarcane is crushed, cooked, and dried the same day it is cut, to create the piloncillo “Sazón” – or piloncillo that is of the highest quality.

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