Saturday, November 18, 2023

November WRC Whiskey Raffle

Another good one!!!

November WRC Whiskey Raffle

Raffle is based on last 6 months purchases through October 31st

WRC Whiskey Raffle will are some highlights
  • Foursquare Covenant
  • Widow Jane Lucky 13
  • Heaven's Door Bootleg 18 Year Old
  • Willett 8 Year Wheated
  • Willett 10 Year Old  Purple Top Barrel No. 2863
  • Willett 10 Year Old  Purple Top Barrel No. 3069
  • Willett 10 Year Old  Purple Top Barrel No. 2025
  • Willett 10 Year Old  Purple Top Barrel No. 4766
  • Bookers The Storyteller Batch Bourbon
  • Very Olde St. Nick Ancient Cask 8 Year Old
  • Very Olde St. Nick Ancient Cask Faith and Conviction
  • Very Olde St. NIck Harvest Rye Cask Strength
  • Very Olde St. Nick Summer Harvest Rye Cask Strength
  • Lux Row Four Grain Double Single Barrel
  • Weller Reserve Bourbon
  • Blantons
  • Eagle Rare
  • Col. E.H. Taylor Small Batch Bourbon
  • Henry McKenna 10 Year Old
Scotches -- 
We have a lot of limited scotch in right now - 
We will release some of these via a scotch raffle in the next 7 days and the rest will be in the regular raffle.  Watch for those emails. 
  • Ardbeg Traigh Bhan 19 Year Old
  • Ardbeg Anthology 13 Year Old
  • Ardbeg Anamorphic Committee Release Limited 48.2% ABV
  • Springbank 10 Year Old
  • Springbank 15 Year Old
  • Octomore 14.1
  • Bunnahabhain 12 Year Old Cask Strength
  • Kilkerran 12 year Old
List subject to change and more will be added

The Wine and Cheese Place single barrels!
We get offered a lot of barrels and we taste a lot of single barrels. The field is crowded and our experts only select the best so our customers know that not only are they getting a unique expression, but that the bottling is excellent. We do not buy single barrels just to buy them. We only select maybe 25-30% of the barrels offered to us. Yes, we are a bit selective for you.
Lots of new single barrels in stock now like the Ben Holladay just hit!
Click here to order our single barrels

We have an amazing 14 year old single barrel.  

We are offering TRIPLE POINTS in the raffles for the Schoonover 14 year old starting from August 1st and going forward.  Translation: each bottle you purchase counts as 2 raffle tickets in the monthly raffles and will count as 1 ticket in the big end of the year raffle!  Great Bourbon!  Grab a bottle!

Hard Truth / TWCP Single Barrel Schoonover 14yr Bourbon...$199.99 
  • Very Rare Cask Strength
  • Barrel #671
  • Only 141 bottles for the world!
  • 109.7 Proof
  • 84% Corn - 8% Rye - 8% Barley
Rich notes of plum, caramel, dark chocolate, toasted almond, nougat, and baking spices

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