Monday, November 13, 2023

Figlia Fiore N/A Frizzante

 Perfect for those participating in "No Drink November" or if you are just cutting back. This is DELICIOUS!!

Figlia Fiore .001 Frizzante Non-Alcoholic Apertivo...$5.49/8.4oz Can

Fiore Frizzante is the signature Figlia Apéritivo with a twist: effervescent bubbles and zesty lime add an ultra-refreshing element to the floral, bitter, and aromatic flavors of the apéritif. This on-the-go spritz is meant for mindful movement and everyday luxury: pack it in your bag, bring it to work, or sip and walk while listening to your favorite podcast. However you take it, Fiore Frizzante will lift your spirits and remind you of the joy in ordinary moments.

Ruby in the glass with floral aromatics. Sparkling bubbles and lemon add a zesty kick to foundational notes of rose, bitter orange, and clove. Drink right out of the can or pour over ice.

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