Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Meet Lauren Platz - Redwood Empire Tasting

Thank you to all that came out last night!
We ended it up with some leftovers --

Cask Strength Series
Grizzly Beast

online now while they last

Last minute Tasting!
Meet Lauren Platz
(have her sign your bottles)
TONIGHT!  at Forsyth!
Redwood Empire Tasting with head distiller Lauren Patz
Wednesday October 11th from 4pm-6pm
The Wine and Cheese Place
7435 Forsyth Blvd, Clayton MO 63105

Taste all of these!!!
  • Redwood Empire Lost Monarch...$32.99
  • Redwood Empire Pipe Dream...$32.99
  • Redwood Empire Emerald Giant...$32.99
  • Redwood Empire Lost Monarch CASK STRENGTH....$66.99
  • Redwood Empire Pipe Dream CASK STRENGTH....$66.99
  • Redwood Empire Emerald Giant CASK STRENGTH....$66.99
  • Redwood Empire Rocket Top Rye Bottled in Bond...$74.99
  • Redwood Empire Grizzly Beast Bourbon Bottled in Bond....$74.99
And yes, we will have some of each available for sale during the event

Meet the Head Distiller - Lauren Platz
Lauren’s Bio…
For Redwood Empire Whiskey’s head distiller Lauren Patz, the secret to craft distilling is passion, palate and patience. Growing up in a winemaking family, she developed the palate and appreciation for good food and drink from a very early age. After earning a dual degree in Classics and Japanese at Bates College, teaching English in Japan, and working at Tcho Chocolate’s Factory, Lauren discovered her true calling when she joined Spirit Works, a small Sonoma County distillery, in 2013 as an apprentice distiller.

Diving fully into learning her craft, she swiftly worked her way up to Head Distiller and managed all Spirit Works operations and product development for three years before joining Redwood Empire Whiskey in January 2021.

Lauren has judged at the American Distilling Institute since 2017, and taught distillation seminars and workshops in the local community. Her passion and creativity help to push Redwood Empire’s innovation forward without abandoning its roots. “I ask a lot of questions,” she says, “and I drive us further toward defining our identity on the distilling side.”

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