Monday, October 23, 2023

Found North 18 Year Old Cask Strength Whisky

We tasted this yesterday, and it was IMPRESSIVE!
we scored 3 more bottles
Found North 18 Year Old Cask Strength Whisky...$149.99
Built around a 1998 vintage whisky blended with two 22 year whiskies and an 18 year rye, Batch 007 is balanced without sacrificing oomph
83% Corn | 16% Rye | 1% Malted Barley
Matured in new American, ex-bourbon & Hungarian oak barrels
Distilled and aged in Canada
  • 3,345 Bottle Outrun
  • 65.9% ABV | 131.8 Proof
  • Non-Chill Filtered
  • No Additives
  • Natural Color

The focal point of Batch 007 is a 1998 vintage corn component aged in ex-bourbon barrels. The ‘98 contained a rich combination of sweet florality on the nose and thick, viscous caramel on the body. It lends this whisky elegance and presence. We matched the ‘98 with a pair of 22 year corn components, one in ex-bourbon and the other in new American oak. The 22 year in ex-bourbon, allowed the fruit and floral notes to ripen, while the 22 year in new American oak added velvety tannins and lavish wood sugars.

Once we had fully composed the corn side, we turned to an old favorite rye whisky, our 2004 vintage in Hungarian oak. The rye bolstered the baking spices and enlivened the body of the whisky. At 131.8 proof, the resulting blend achieves balance without sacrificing oomph

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