Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Open House Tequila/Mezcal Tasting and book signing!

Open House Tequila/Mezcal Tasting 
and book signing!
Meet David Suro of Suro Imports
Meet one of the superstars of Agave!
Tequila and Mezcal fans will not want to miss this event
Tuesday, September 26 from 4:30 - 6:30pm
The Wine and Cheese Place - Kirkwood
10451 Manchester Road, Kirkwood MO

Taste some BIG TIME Agave spirits!
  • Cascahuin Blanco
  • Cascahuin 48
  • Cascahuin Tahona
  • Siembra Azul Blanco
  • Siembra Valle Anniversario
  • Don Mateo Cupreata Blanco Mezcal 
Featuring some of the top Additive free tequilas!

Open house tasting, reservations not required - but let us know you are coming on Facebook - click here

Plus a book signing.

David Suro will be selling and signing his book.   You will be able to purchase one of his books at our Kirkwood location and have him sign it for you!

Agave Spirits: The Past, Present, and Future of Mezcals

More about David Suro
When Guadalajara-born David Suro opened his Philadelphia restaurant Tequilas in 1986, he was immediately confronted with a concerning reality: the tequilas available in the Northeast US were all bad. Determined to serve up an authentic Mexican experience to his guests, he embarked on a decades-long quest to create a delicious, traditional tequila that he could serve in good conscience.
Twenty years later, Siembra Azul was finished. Working with the Vivanco family at their distillery in Arandas, David and his “dream team” of experts had created the flavor profile that makes Siembra Azul’s small batches perennial sellouts.  The following decades would see an exploration of terroir that expanded Siembra to the Valles region of Jalisco, at the very distillery where David first fell in love with tequila: Destilería Cascahuín.   As he grew into the tequila industry, David became further disturbed by the industry’s trends toward industrialization, cultural rejection, and labor exploitation. He witnessed billion-dollar conglomerates actively squeezing family producers and lobbying for legislation that would damage the tequila, agave, and people who tend them.  He fought against these trends by advocating production transparency and consumer education, and still does. It’s why our bottles have detailed batch-specific production data: the more you know, the better off we’ll all be.   The same trends that are damaging tequila and Mexico’s ecosystem are emerging in mezcal, and we’re asking consumers to remain vigilant. Part of the reason we began the Siembra Metl project was to help show consumers the power of small batch agave spirits, and what kinds of cultural expressions can be preserved if we hold tight to the community-centric values that make mezcal, mezcal.

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