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Xoriguer Mahon Gin

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Xoriguer Mahon Gin...$34.99 / 750ml
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The distillate used is GRAPE not grain, which makes this gin truly gluten-free, from start to finish.
Distillery name Xoriguer: “sho-ri-gair”. Each batch is crafted exclusively for the USA. The Juniper berries are sea-salt air aged for up to 4 years in open crates at the distillery, thus concentrating the flavors and delivering a smooth gin, without bitterness. Two of the wood-fired Alembic stills are 70+ years old, another is 125+ years old and the last one is 270 years old. The 270 year old still is 700 liters.

Xoriguer - pronounced "sho-ri-gair" - the old windmill
The windmill on the label has belonged to the owners, the Pons family since the 18th century. Menorca’s stunning and pristine coastline is designated a UNESCO Biosphere reserve.
A history starting with the British Navy stationed here in the 1700's because of the deep water port. The island began producing gin for the British Navy
DO for Gin. [ Denominación de Origen (DO) Mahón-Menorca ]. One of two in the world. The island of Menorca has been distilling gin since 1708. Original demand came from British sailors and soldiers stationed in the Spanish islands

Mahón Gin from Destilerias Xoriguer located on the UNESCO Bio reserve Baleric Island of Menorca off the coast of Barcelona Spain

2020 USA Spirits Ratings -Gold Medal 91 Points

2019 PROOF% Awards - sponsored by Food + Beverage Magazine - 96 Points - Double Gold

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