Monday, August 14, 2023

Oban Distillers Edition Montilla Fino 2022

Oban Distillers Edition Montilla Fino 2022....$99.99
Compare to $109.99 at Total Wine and More
Double Matured in Montilla Fino Seasoned American Oak Casks
The DISTILLERS EDITION is a collection of master-craftsmanship. Each cask in the series is individually selected and perfectly matched to the character of each of the single malts refined here. The two-parted maturation process gives more depth and complexity, which is the idea behind the limited DISTILLERS EDITION: preserving the perfection of the single malts that have already been awarded for their outstanding flavours. The selected taste nuances are more strongly accentuated in a way that is not found in the regular bottlings, but with fully maintaining the original character of these fine single malts.

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