Monday, May 13, 2024

Great Rose from Bordeaux!

Great Rose from Bordeaux!
2023 is Delicious!  
We under ordered last year and it sold too fast!  Plenty in stock now

2023 Chateau Carbonneau Lulu Bordeaux Rose...$16.99
75% Cabernet Sauvingon and 25% Merlot

The Lulu is all about the fruit and the balance. On the nose, we have a combination of strawberry, peach and citrus. The well balanced acidity of the wine offers great freshness which makes it perfect to drink for brunch, as an aperitif or on its own.  This wine tastes great on its own or when paired with light main courses such as salads, tapas, vegetable tarts, cheeses and grilled meats & seafood.
Unlike for the red wines, to make the rosé, the grapes have to be harvested earlier to keep more acidity and aromatic expression. The grapes, typically used to make deep colored red wines, have to be pressed as soon as picked to separate the skins from the juice in order to produce a pale and crisp rosé. During the fermentation, the juice has to be maintained at low temperatures for the wine to express maximum freshness.

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