Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Arette Tequila

Certified Additive Free
Arette Fuerte Artesanal 101 Proof Blanco...$64.99
White Tequila 100% blue Agave from the regional Tequila valley. A strong white tequila tasty to the mouth where you can appreciate the great agave flavour directly form the "alambique de olla" without dilution. Arette Fuerte 101 comes from a 50.5% of alcohol level por 50.5% Alc. Vol., Ideal to enjoy it direct or with your favourite cocktail.

Arette Tequila Gran Clase Extra Anejo...$162.99

Each bottle numbered
Tequila Premium that is rested for 36 months in American White Oak barrels. It is a limited production where each one of the bottles is decorated by hand. Beautiful amber color, with cooper shades and wooden flavor.

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