Friday, September 9, 2022

Nobleton’s Distilling House

Friday Night Spirits tasting with Nobleton’s Distilling House
Friday, September 9th from 4:30 to 6pm
Open House tasting at the Infamous Bar
Inside the Wine and Cheese Place in Clayton

Nolan Hayes from the distillery will be here pouring the good stuff including their new whiskey.

Duckett Blue Rum 100 proof....$24.99
Made from 100 percent cane sugar, Duckett Blue is our unaged chill-filtered rum that is the perfect spirit to add to your cocktails. Our rum is truly craft, with small-scale fermentation, batch distillation, and hand bottling by our distillers just outside of St Louis Missouri in Franklin County. We hope that you’ll love our silver rum as much as we do.

Duckett Golden Rhum…$29.99
Ingredients: Fermented with 100% cane sugar, spring water, & yeast.
Distillation: Distilled with a multi-plate column
Filtration: Non-chill filtered (NCF)
Maturation: Blended with rum matured with French Oak

Duckett Rhum 103....$39.99
Made from 100% Cane Sugar
Yeast, spring water and 100% Cane Sugar
Hybrid pot still distillation
Non Chill filtered
Finished with American and French Oak (used cognac barrels)

Duckett Curacao Noir...$35.99
Orange Liqueur
A curacao liquor made from a classical recipe using laraha fruit peels, premium sugarcane spirit, spices and sweetened with raw sugarcane syrup.
Non chill filtered
The Laraha fruit is the bitter orange that grows on the island of Curacao.

Planters Whiskey Ozark Highlands (750ml) 50% ABV….$37.99
Our roots run deep like that of our famous Missouri white oaks which cover the diverse landscape of the Ozark Highlands. Nestled between the hills and hollers are fields tended by generations of families like ours who have built legacies upon the highest quality of grains. It was by these traditions we built our whiskey backed by strong hands of our planting partners. To those strong and resilient individuals we raise our glass.

The Peoples Gin…$26.99
A soft "london dry style" gin, made from a selection of wild Ozark botanicals. The gentle note of fresh citrus, juniper and wild flowers creates a beautiful unique American Gin.

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