Thursday, September 15, 2022

Bozal Mezcal Tasting

Bozal Mezcal Tasting
Open House Tasting
Friday Night Open Housel tasting featuring Bozal Mezcal
This Friday, 9/16 from 4:30 to 6pm
At the (In)Famous Bar
Inside the Wine and Cheese Place in Clayton

Meet Mary Holiday from 3 Badge Imports!!!
She's here to pour some damn fine mezcals, answer questions and expound on everything
related to Mexico’s great spirit. Here’s what she’s pouring…

Bozal Ensamble.….$47.99

A light blend of Espandín, Barril and Mexicano magueys crafted into a lightly smoky, herbaceous and citrus-forward mezcal.

Bozal Tobala Reserva…$86.99
A small agave varietal, the Tobalá, a subspecies of the Potatorum Family of agave, has broad, spade-like leaves. The compact size of this agave yeilds limited quantities of mezcal and takes 12-15 years to reach full maturation. Known to many as the king agave, Tobalá can only grow from seed and is becoming increasingly rare. This agave offers intensely aromatic mezal with complex notes of tropical fruit.

Bozal Pechuga Sacrificio…79.99
An age-old tradition from mezcaleros, Pechuga is typically produced in small batches for personal consumption as a ceremonial and festive mezcal, taking place at year-end.
First the agave is crushed, baked in earthen pit ovens, fermented, and then distilled in a copper pot still. Before the third distillation, organic cooked chicken marinates with locally sourced fruits, chiles, citrus fruits, raisins,cinnamon and clove. After the chicken has fully marinated, the protein and spices are added into the third and final distillation. A ritual among the last four generations, the recipe has remained the same over the years to keep with the family tradition.

Bozal Cuishe Single Maguey
Rich tropical fruit on the palate that moves to sweet potato on the front followed by a dry smoky finish.One of the most physically distinct species of agave, the Cuishe, a subspecies of the Karwinskii Family of agave, grows vertically as a single stalk with its leaves spreading at the top. Due to its unusual structure, and the stalk containing the firmer piña material, the Cuishe can be difficult to harvest and to work with in general. This agave offers aromas full of tropical fruit with a dry piney and mineral finish.

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