Friday, July 15, 2022

Larios Gin

One of the best selling gins in the world!
Finally here!

"Funny story, every once in a while my family looks up sites to ask each other random trivia.  One of the questions to me was - what are the top 5 best selling gins in the world.  Of course, with my 37 years of experience, I am very confident and I am guessing...Gordons, Tanqueray, Beefeater, Hendricks......turns out Larios was one of them.  I had never heard of it and was shocked (that sight made me look like an idiot:)   Looked it up and found it is #1 in Spain and sells very well in Europe.  I contacted the importer and we finally got it it in!" - Paul

Larios Mediterranea Premium Gin...$18.99
Born in Málaga in the South of Spain from the passion of the Larios family in the 19th century, Larios is now synonymous with gin in its home country of Spain. Inspired by the Málaga setting, our gin was made using local citrus with a flavor profile perfect for seaside sipping. Today, Larios represents everything about the Mediterranean spirit and embodies the vibrant, carefree lifestyle of the coast. Larios Gin is refreshing, smooth, and bright with local Valencia citrus. The flavors perfectly encapsulate the taste of the Mediterranean with fresh herbal sensations, a touch of orange blossom, and hints of botanicals.

Larios Mediterranea Rose Gin...$18.99

Larios Rosé is the premium strawberry gin from Larios, a evocative gin of a soft and balanced flavor, in which its flavor and aroma of strawberries are delicately combined Its softness and freshness make this new Premium Larios the perfect accompaniment to enjoy the sunset.

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