Friday, July 22, 2022

Huling Station Whiskey Tasting

Huling Station Whiskey Tasting Tour 
with Nick Blandina from the Old Dominick Distillery

Three stores, three dates, one start time!!
  • Tonight! Friday, July 22nd @ the Clayton location
  • Friday, July 29th @ Spirit Wine and Craft

All tastings are from 4:30 to 6:00 pm

A note about Old Dominick Distilling
Following the surprise discovery of an unopened bottle of Old Dominick Toddy from the late 1800s, Chris and Alex Canale decide to reinstate the storied spirit brand started by their great great grandfather, Domenico. A world-class distillery is planned, to be located in the heart of Downtown Memphis on South Front Street.With construction finished, and the distillery floor meticulously assembled according to the designs of Master Distiller Alex Castle, Old Dominick Distillery produces its very first batch of Tennessee Whiskey. This occasion marks the first time since prohibition that whiskey has been legally distilled in Memphis, TN.

Here’s what’s being featured:…

Old Dominick
Huling Station / TWCP Single Barrel Bourbon....$59.99

Local collab with St. Louis Bourbon Society and Bourbon Women
Yield 195 bottles
5 Years Old 10 months!
Straight Bourbon Whiskey
114.08 proof
Mash Bill 52% Corn, 44% Rye, and 4% Malted Barley

Huling Station Straight Wheat Whiskey....$39.99
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More than 150 years after the big, bold whiskeys of 1866 Memphis, we went above and beyond the required mash bill for wheat whiskeys to develop a sweet, soft whiskey that boasts 83 percent wheat. With a lighter, more delicate profile and a lower proof than our pre-Prohibition style bourbon, Huling Station Straight Wheat Whiskey is the perfect approachable introduction to the whiskey world.
Huling Station Straight Wheat Whiskey opens with a light, sweet honey and a delicate grassy indication on the nose. The palate carries a hay-forward lightness with hints of the same pale honey featured in the nose, bookended by a surprising flash of smoked oak before settling into a medium, lightly-sweet finish.

Huling Station Blend of Straight Whiskeys....$39.99
Compare to $41.99 at Total Wine and More
We took the sweet softness of our Huling Station Straight Wheat Whiskey, and blended it with the bold warmth and complexity of our high-rye Huling Station Straight Bourbon to create a perfect harmony between the spicy whiskeys characteristic of the pre-prohibition age and the sweeter drams favored by many modern whiskey lovers.

Huling Station Small Batch Bourbon...$29.99
Compare to $31.99 at Total Wine and More
Huling Station is a small-batch bourbon; an homage to the whiskeys of pre-Prohibition Memphis, with a high-rye mash bill reminiscent of those offered by Domenico Canale in his heyday.

Huling Station Straight Bourbon opens with stone fruit, dark cherries, and creamy vanilla with a wisp of rye spice on the nose. The palate hints at cinnamon and rich caramel, as dry, subtle notes of pipe tobacco and velvety dark chocolate round out the finish.

All are available for sale in store and online now!

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