Monday, June 20, 2022

Sol Real Vinho Verde

Sol Real Vinho Verde - perfect Summer wines!

SOL REAL adds a little extra happy to your summer time selection.
With a little sparkle, this Vinho Verde is light and fresh. At less than one bar of CO2 pressure, they do not quite qualify as semi-sparkling wines but do have a definite pétillance. Produced by the recognized winemaker, Carlos Teixeira (Quinta da Lixa), the SOL REAL selections are both fun and gourmand.

2021 Sol Real Vinho Verde White...$9.99
SOL REAL VINHO VERDE WHITE is bright and citrusy, due to its natural acidity. With dominant apple and grapefruit aromas and a splash of green, herby notes, SOL REAL brings the fun and the flavor. Produced with Arinto, Trajadura & Loureiro grape varieties and at 9.5% alcohol, this baby is ripe for the picking.

NEW - first time getting their red wine!
The ultimate summer Chillable red!
Rare red from Vinho Verde - only 7% of the wine produced there is red!

2020 Sol Real Vinho Verde Red...$9.99
SOL REAL VINHO VERDE VINHÃO is all about dark berries, fruit and savory notes with a hint of spritz. A deep violet chillable red that will beg for year-round plucking.
Vinhão is a characteristic red grape variety, from the Vinho Verde Demarcated Region. This grape variety resulted in a plenty violaceous ruby color wine

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