Friday, June 3, 2022

Hoppin' Frog Outta Kilter Scotch-Style Red Ale & Q.O.R.I.S the Quasher

    Hoppin' Frog is an artisanal brewery in Akron, Ohio making very flavorful beers in the most flavorful styles. Established in 2006 and brewing with an uncompromising and relentless focus on detail from the ingredient selection to the brewing process, the brewery has become known for quality around the world, and now distributes in 22 states and 38 foreign countries. Hoppin' Frog has now been rated 26th Best Brewer In The World by RateBeer, the world's largest and most comprehensive beer-rating website, and thus are One Of The 100 Top Brewers In The World, now for 14 years in-a-row! Hoppin' Frog is the concept of owner and established brewmaster Fred Karm, a brewer since 1994 who has designed and produced 23 award winning beers at the Great American Beer Festival and World Beer Cup - the two most prestigious contests in the world.

Hoppin' Frog Outta Kilter Scotch-style Red Ale...$17.99 / 4pk 
                                                                                   $4.99 / 12oz   
    The rich and malty character of our Outta Kilter Scotch-style Red Ale is masterfully complimented by barrel aging, as the “angel’s share” slowly evaporates resulting in a wonderful concentration of flavors. The full flavor experience goes one step further with the vanillin undertones from the oak barrel, adding a savory, satisfying depth of flavor, ultimately creating a wonderful sensory experience!
Hoppin' Frog Q.O.R.I.S the Quasher Quadruple Imperial Stout...$21.99 / 4pk
                                                                                                            $5.99 / 8.45 fl.oz
This super-extreme Quadruple Oatmeal Russian-style Imperial Stout will tantalize, engulf, and quash your taste buds like no other! Dry-hopped and first-wort-hopped with aromatic American hops to create one great and memorable Imperial Stout!
15.7% ABV. 

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