Friday, March 11, 2022

Springfield Brewing Company

Our first shipment from Springfield Brewing Company
Celebrating 25 Years of Beers
Exceptionally Delicious
Award-Winning Craft Beer
Hand-Crafted. Hometown. Hospitality.

Springfield Brewing Company Blue Canoe American Pale Ale...$9.99 / 6pk cans
Blue Canoe is a well balanced copper colored pale with a pleasant mild malt character and citrusy hop flavor.
Our latest interpretation of the classic American pale ale. We retained the Cascade hops, the heart of Paul’s Pale Ale which has been a staple of the SBC lineup since 1997. The additions of Amarillo and Ekuanot along with a reworked malt bill combine for a balanced and highly drinkable new beer. Balance, citrusy, hoppy and pleasant. Now in a can!
This Pale Ale was brewed with clean, crisp Ozark’s water. Since 1997 SBC and James River Basin Partnership have each striven to protect our region’s water and beautiful Ozarks landscape. Together we will continue to educate and take action in elevating the quality of our most precious resource, water. A portion of the proceeds from each 6 pack will go back to JRBP to help keep our water clean.

Springfield Brewing Company Greene Ghost IPA....$9.99 / 6pk cans
Greene Ghost IPA starts off with hops in the nose, then with a nice smack of hops on the kisser, followed by a lingering hoppy wonderfulness! And the right blend of malts, mashing profile, fermentation control, and craft keep Greene Ghost in balance.
Greene Ghost is a West Coast-Style IPA. Its sole purpose is to make those hop lovers who want an IPA happy from the hoppy pleasure of enjoying such a damn good beer.
Great with just about anything involving meat and cheese and light heat, try it with pulled-pork nachos!

Springfield Brewing Company Greene Dragon Double IPA...$10.99 / 6pk 12oz cans
Greene Dragon Double IPA has a big punch of juicy, tropical melon notes that fill the nose, followed by a citrus silky smooth finish. This delicious brew features a double helping of Citra and Idaho 7 hops. Greene Dragon is sure to leave any Hop Head happy.
Craving more hops? Greene Dragon DIPA is a pumped up version of our flagship IPA, Greene Ghost. Named after a brewing term, “Green Dragon”, referring to a trail of green dust that plumes up after a generous dry hop into the fermenter.
Cheese curds or burgers.

Springfield Brewing Company Obscura Dark Lager..$9.99 / 6pk 12oz cans
Mexican Style Dark Lager

Our newest Spring Seasonal! Rich chestnut hue and a light to medium body. Brewed with a variety of roasted malt and pilsner malt for a mild caramel, cocoa and biscuit malt flavors. Touch of hop bitterness, but not much hop flavor. Clean, smooth with an impeccably balanced finish and the slightest hint of maize. Try it with a lime.
Oscura (translated means dark) is a dark lager that was first brewed at SBC in February 2020 and quickly became a beloved draft offering among our regulars and Mug Club Members. The can design is inspired by one of our favorite Ozark night time activities; sitting around the campfire with friends and enjoying a good brew.
Hearty or spicy foods. BBQ, Tacos, and Smoked Meats.

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