Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Bells Brewing Box of Hearts Variety Pack

Includes two new beers!!!
  • In stock at Forsyth now
  • Kirkwood later today
  • New Ballas and Lamp and Lantern - Thursday (weather permitting)

Bells Brewing Box of Hearts Variety Pack...$18.99 / 12pk
We have something special for all of those Two Hearted® and IPA lovers out there: Box of Hearts, our first ever Hearted Family Variety Pack. This 12-pack includes our iconic American IPA, its Lo-Cal sibling Light Hearted Ale®, as well as two new releases: Black Hearted, a Black IPA, and Cold Hearted, a Cold IPA only available at our General Store in Downtown Kalamazoo until now.

Cold Hearted, Two Hearted, Light Hearted or Black Hearted - whatever state you're in, grab a beer, and pass the one that suits your friend to them. Or, maybe try it yourself. A little change of heart isn't always so bad.

Cold Hearted and Black Hearted are available exclusively in the 2022 Box of Hearts Variety Pack. Some locations will have it on draft, but it will be limited.

Info on the 2 new beers in this pack

Cold Hearted Cold IPA
Under the frozen lake swims a fish that’s different from any we’ve seen before. Dry-hopped with Centennial during a cold fermentation, this drinkable Cold IPA is crisp and refreshing with all the pine and citrus aromas you’d expect. It’s not bad being a little Cold Hearted.

Black Hearted IPA
Love isn’t always handwritten notes and candy hearts. Sometimes, it’s a sinkhole full of skeletons and worn-out platitudes, yet here you stand with your chin held high. This member of the Hearted family, a Black IPA, holds no ire towards love lost, it thrives on it. Remember your ex, take a few sips, and then go back to enjoying your day. They’re someone else’s problem now anyway.

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