Thursday, February 3, 2022

Hampden Estate Rum

Hampden Estate The Younger LROK Single Jamaican Rum...$54.99
  • LROK
  • Distilled 2016
  • Aged 5 Years
  • Bottled 2021
  • Carefully aged in Ex-Bourbon Cask at the distillery
  • Pot Still
  • Wild Fermentation

Hampden Estate Single Jamaican Rum 2010 LROK...$124.99
  • LROK
  • Distilled 2020
  • Aged 11 Years
  • 47% ABV

Aged 11 years in a tropical climate produces an angel's share equivalent to 44 years ageing in Europe.

LROK (Light Rum Owen Kelly) is a mark produced since 1952 at Hampden Estate.  This release contains one of the oldest rums aged entirely at the distillery.  A lovely example of a Trelawny rum.

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