Thursday, January 6, 2022

Wildflower from Australia

Wildflower Gold Australian Wild Ale...$13.99 / 375ml
Delicately balanced, gold shows notes of creamy meyer lemon, fresh limey hops and stone fruits. The palate is effervescent and dry with a subtle bitterness, pillowy body and developing acidity from the indigenous flora. This beer undergoes a warm primary fermentation by our house mixed culture of foraged wild yeast, naturally occurring souring bacteria and brewers yeast in a wide vessel before being transferred into French oak barrels for maturation. Mature barrels are then selected and blended to meet our desired character before being packaged and naturally bottle conditioned for a minimum of 3 months. Only then do we release this unspiced wild ale to be enjoyed at table with your favourite foods and best of friends.

Wildflower Solera Australian Wild Ale...$13.99 / 375ml
Solera is an Australian Wild Ale made with 30% NSW raw spelt, fermented with our house culture and aged in our 2,400 litre foudre. Its recipe is similar to our Gold except raw wheat is exchanged for raw spelt. By taking successive pulls of this large barrel, we will document development of the beer inside the foudre as it continually and eventually blends itself. Because we get less chance to intervene and blend ourselves, Solera exemplifies a different acid line than our Gold and Amber blends and has a distinctly unique body.
Solera is a spelt beer aged in foudre. It’s recipe is similar to our Gold except raw spelt is exchanged for raw wheat. We took the fifth pull of half the volume of our 2,400 litre foudre on July 24th 2019 and packaged it, unblended, on the same day. The foudre was then filled again with a single batch of the same freshly fermented spelt based beer. We will be taking successive pulls of this large barrel every four to six months (pull #4 was in February 2019).

At release this pull has aromas of perfumed rose blossom aromas, sweet juicy mandarin and subtle funk mingling with nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla. Smooth palate with tight creamy carbonation brimming with orange citrus and spice. Lively and energetic whilst maintaining a depth and complexity from the Solera method.

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