Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Skygazer Brewing

Skygazer Watercolors Monochromatic Raspberry...$5.99 / 16oz can
Skygazer Watercolors Monochromatic Raspberry...$20.99 / 4pk

A monochromatic painting is one created using only one color or hue. We decided to apply this art style and technique to our Watercolors series.
Monochromatics feature just a single fruit with the goal of allowing that fruit to fully showcase itself. In terms of volume, they are fruited right on par with our other Watercolors variants. That means, a lot of fruit!

We're kicking things off with Raspberry! One of our favorite fruits to work with because of its pleasant, natural tartness, jammy aroma and for the wild sweetness it carries.

Skygazer Watercolors Abstract 2....$6.49 / 16oz can
Skygazer Watercolors Abstract 2....$22.99 / 4pk
This Watercolors, as you know, is a blend of Orange, Passion Fruit, Marshmallow, Vanilla and Milk Sugar!  It tastes like Sunday morning mimosas, tropical paradise, and thick pulpy orange juice! Orange juice for adults that is!
It's slammed with big fruit flavor yet remains highly drinkable and satisfying.

Skygazer / Fat Orange Cat Walk on Water....$6.99 / 16oz can
Skygazer / Fat Orange Cat Walk on Water....$6.99 / 16oz can

Walk on Water:
When it came to a collaboration sour with our friends at FOC, we knew it had to blend our individual sour series harmoniously. With Walk on Water, we essentially split our processes down the middle, each contributing what our sours do well and the end result is phenomenal. The artwork to bring these two sours into one was illustrated by none other than Leslie Herman.
Walk on Water - Masrhmallow, Banana, Strawberry, Passion Fruit, Mango and Pink Guava.

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