Saturday, September 11, 2021

New 2020 releases from Troon

New 2020 vintages from Troon
Certified Biodynamic
Vegan Friendly
Natural Wine

2020 Troon Vineyard Kubli Bench Rose...$22.99
A Biodynamic and Regenerative Organic Certified farm in Oregon’s Applegate Valley.
From the estate vineyard, this lightly tawny, straw-colored wine is 60% Tinta Roriz and 40% Primitivo. It's flavorful and fruity, with white peach, citrus and Rainier cherry. It's got some grip in the finish, showing some tannic power as it fades away with hints of herbal tea
Rated 90/100 The Wine Enthusiast

Orange Wine
2020 Troon Vineyard Kubli Bench Amber...$25.99
Amber (Orange Wine)
Biodynamic and Organic
"Gorgeous honey, light orange color. Bright aromas that just pop: limes, lemon and kumquat, followed up by clover, candied lemon, sea salt, this is just a spritzy, fun-smelling wine. Medium-bodied with bright acidity, and the texture is really fascinating, waxy but never heavy, and the balance is lovely. Chunks of lemon, pineapple and green melon fruit bounce off these flinty, mineral, chalky elements, and there’s some white tea and hints of tobacco as well. Just a lot to unpack. Don’t worry, this is not a feral orange wine, but a pretty, focused and fresh blend of Riesling, Vermentino and Viognier that spends three weeks on the skins. Well, done, Troon!"
Rated 92/100 Terroirist

The Kubli Bench Blend Series: We are excited to bring an Orange Wine to our series of Kubli Bench Estate blends that also includes a Rouge, Blanc and Rosé. Blending allows us to craft wines of great complexity and depth. Our Kubli Bench Amber is the more forward and fruity of our Orange Wines, which are made by making wines from white grapes using the same techniques as you would use to make red wine. The result is a very structured white wine with a distinct orange color. These are the most versatile of wines that can be served with almost any food. We love it as an aperitif with a broad range of appetizers. "Light amber in color, this wine smells of candied kumquat and wet leaves. In the mouth flavors of yellow plum, orange peel, vanilla and herbs have a wonderfully nice balance of fruity zing and earthier savory notes. Delightfully autumnal in quality thanks to the skin contact fermentation. A blend of 74% Riesling, 16% Vermentino and 10% Viognier" Alder Yarrow in Vinography

Certified Biodynamic
Vegan Friendly
Natural Wine

Troon Vineyard Piquette Methode Ancestrale...$22.99
The first question we get about this wine is always, “what is piquette?” It is many things, but basically it is frugal farmer fizz, a type of natural wine that has been made for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Those frugal farmers wasted nothing and used the juice and skins left after pressing the wines they would sell to make wine for themselves and their workers. Today we have recaptured that spirit, which fits in so well with our biodynamic style of agriculture. After pressing our estate white and rosé wines, there is still substantial juice left in skins as we press very gently. To that we add a touch of water, then let it macerate overnight in the press. The next day, we press that juice into a stainless steel tank, where begins a native yeast fermentation. Just before that fermentation is complete, we quickly bottle the new wine under crown caps to finish fermentation in the bottle. The resulting sparkling wine is a delight. Fresh and fizzy with bright fruit flavors. Piquette may have bubbles like Champagne, but our Piquette! is more about picnics and summer sipping - or better yet, gulping!

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