Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Stara Sokolova Liqueurs

Stara Sokolova Kasija...$29.99
Made from the highest quality heritage apricots from the regions of Western Serbia and Ĺ umadija.The fruit is picked at the peak of the season and double distilled in old copper stills to ensure the final spirit reflects the pure, sweet essence of apricot. Stara Sokolova Kajsija evokes a sunny late summer day.

Stara Sokolova Old Falcon's Kosher Slivovitz...$25.99
Produced using the traditional, thousand year old method of growing and processing plums. Distilled by the Bogdanovic estate in small batches. Old Falcon's unique smooth and silky taste is a result of a family recipe passed on through seven generations.

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