Sunday, July 25, 2021


Mashbuild Bourbon Whiskey Finished in XO Cognac Barrel...$31.99
45% ABV
Holding a unique French charm, this full-flavored XO Cognac barrel finish offers an exceptional taste.  All Mashbuild bourbon is solera-aged, meaning that barrels of similar ages are grouped together in a common “layer” of the solera.  In the solera aging process, as whiskey is used, barrels are backfilled with stock from the next layer up and new stock is added to the top layer. In this fashion, younger spirits take on more mature flavors and the average age of stock in the solera always increases over time.

Mashbuild Wheated Bourbon Finished in Malt Whiskey Barrels...$31.99
  • 59% Corn
  • 29% Wheat
  • 12% Malted Barley
42% ABV
We had to put our own unique spin on wheated bourbon.
Many discriminating sippers love wheated bourbons. In fact, high-wheat bourbons are usually among the most sought-after whiskey bottles in the entire world.
Our Mashbuild Wheated is made from a mash bill of 59% corn, 29% wheat, and 12% malted barely and we finish that bourbon in a malt whiskey barrel which brings out the “breadiness” of the wheat as well as some subtle fruity flavors.
This is a soft, round whiskey with a creamy mouthfeel and a very smooth finish. Wheated bourbon lovers will enjoy this bottle thoroughly.

Mashbuild Bourbon Finished in Tawny Port Barrels...$31.99
Tawny ports spend more time in the barrel than conventional port wines. You know what that means?
That means… that the flavor imparted by the barrel finish will be extra-rich.
This wine and whiskey duo produced a one-of-a-kind spirit with a perfect balance of sweet and earthy notes. Expect to taste flavors like toffee, mocha, dried citrus and spice from the barrel pairing well with the vanilla, oak, and caramel from the whiskey. Enjoy!

Mashbuild Rye Whiskey Finished in a Barbados Rum Barrel...$31.99
Rye Whiskey Finished in a 6-Year Old Barbados Rum Barrel
We wondered what it would taste like if we finished a bold, peppery rye in the most exclusive rum casks we could find. The results were beyond anything we could have expected.
The barrels we chose were used to age a six-year rum just off of Barbados Beach in Bridgetown, Barbados.
Complex and full of flavor, the spice and caramel notes of the rye whiskey base are complemented by notes of apricot, banana, orange and vanilla imparted by the Barbados rum barrel. This bottle is a truly must-have for anyone who enjoys barrel-finished whiskeys.

Mashbuild Bourbon Finished in a French Oak Cabernet Cask...$31.99
Enjoy a cabernet and with a little bourbon on the side? Us too.
The hillside vineyards in Napa Valley’s Stags Leap District produce incredible, complex wines. We simply had to use casks from this area to finish our bourbon.
This match made in heaven produced a one-of-a-kind spirit with a perfect balance of sweet and earth notes. Expect to taste flavors like vanilla, caramel, leather, and black currant. Enjoy!

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