Thursday, July 1, 2021

Lo-Ball Shacksbury and Whistlepig Barrel-Aged Highball Cider

Lo-Ball Shacksbury and Whistlepig Barrel-Aged Highball Cider...$9.99 / 4pk 16oz cans

The WhistlePig Barrel Aged Lo-Ball is born and raised in
Vermont. Vermonters are known as a hardy stock, relaxed and
blessed with a dry sense of humor. WP Barrel Aged Lo-Ball
is no different. This Lo-Ball is easy going with its low abv
but has good structure and a dry, spicy character you would
expect from rye barrels (or from a Vermonter). If you were
to compare it to something, it’s more of a light easy-to-drink
highball cocktail than a heavy barrel aged beer.

WhistlePig’s rye farm and distillery is right down the road
from the Shacksbury Cidery in Vermont. When we wanted to
do a limited edition barrel project, it only seemed natural to
reach out to our neighbors. WhistlePig was nice enough to
roll over a couple of their Vermont white oak barrels, used to
age their FarmStock whiskey, and we filled them up with our
cider. After imparting just the right amount of characters from
the barrels, we added a light citrus tincture to the cider and
loaded it into some crushable 16oz tall boy cans.

Lightly oak aged hard apple cider, natural flavors

4.8% ABV

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