Sunday, May 16, 2021

Fred Jerbis Fernet 25 Single Barrel

Fred Jerbis Fernet 25 Single Barrel....$39.99
A surprising bitter:  25 botanicals and aged in chestnut barrels to rediscover a truthful and unusual taste.
This fernet is a tribute to Italian tradition, but with a surprising personality. A bitter part given by rhubarb and a fresh flavour, due to mint. The brief aging in chestnut barrels serves to accentuate the stringent, almost sapid, note. The color is deep amber, given by the extractions of the plants used. The taste is rich and herbaceous, with intense and round notes; free of dyes and with a very low percentage of sugar.

Fred Jerbis Vermut 25....$33.99
25 Botanicals
A high-quality native wine, aged for almost a year, to enhance its flavors and fragrances, which are enriched with three different types of absinthe. The perfume, then, is like marsala, with fruity and herbaceous scents. The color, a strong brown, is given by the burnt sugar. The taste is rich: finely herbaceous but persistent; citrusy but bitter. The final is very smooth and round

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