Saturday, June 6, 2020

Scarpetta Veloce

In stock at our Rock Hill location only right now.

2018 Scarpetta Veloce Bianco...$9.99
Appearance: platinum white, golden color, very bright, luminescent white wine
Aromatics: citrus, orange blossom, apple and pear
Grapes: 85% chardonnay, 15% falanghina
Palate: crisp, mineral driven, medium bodied delicious white wine
Food + wine pairings: great with anything from chips, to salad, to light White fish, grilled fish, and poultry

2017 Scarpetta Veloce Rosso...$9.99
Appearance: dark in color, bright ruby
Aromatics: tart cherry, sage, mediterranean herbs, earthy, black fruited
Grapes: 60% syrah, 40% nero d'avola
Palate: medium bodied, dry, medium tannins, long finish, very herbaceous, dark cherries, dark fruits, plums
Food + wine pairings: great with anything from a burger, to sliced steak, and hard cheeses

The Italian south is a wonder to visit and explore. Dramatic coastlines, rolling hills and volcanic soils are just some of what help make Italy one of the world's top travel destinations. The food—often simple but with abundant diversity—always results the highest quality, cooked to perfection. As a result, wines from the south are meant to work with most everything foodwise. Wine is not thought of as a special treat, but a part of the daily Italian table — meant to be shared and enjoyed with every meal and in between. Scarpetta Veloce is meant to evoke that spirit. Delicious wine for every day. Enjoy!

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