Saturday, July 6, 2019

Boulevard Hold the Pancakes

Boulevard Hold the Pancakes....$22.99 / 750ml
Multiple vintages of imperial brown ales and imperial stouts aged from 15 to 24 months in bourbon, rye and maple syrup-filled whiskey casks come together in this complex, sticky, boozy behemoth of a beer, showcasing the barrel shepherding and blending skills of our brilliant brewers.

Aging: Templeton Rye barrels, Canadian Rye whisky barrels, maple syrup/whiskey casks

Flavor Profile
Aroma – Rich, boozy whiskey, vanilla, maple syrup
Malt – Caramel/toffee, slight chocolate/espresso
Hops –Minimal, supporting balance
Balance – Malt, barrel, maple syrup
Body – Full

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