Thursday, January 10, 2019

Stone Mikhail Totalitarian Imperial Russian Stout

Stone Mikhail Totalitarian Imperial Russian Stout...$14.99 / 500ml
Aged in Bourbon Barrels with Espresso Beans
Stone Imperial Russian Stout is a thick, rich and sinful beer that’s heavy on the palate and massively aromatic with notes of anise, black currants, coffee and roastiness.
CELLAR NOTES:  Intense coffee characteristics abound from both the dark malts and the espresso, while rich caramel-like and vanilla notes from the bourbon barrel aging adds layers of complexity, a touch of sweetness and a vibrant dark fruit finish. Since this is an unusual take on our traditional imperial Russian stout, “Mikhail” pays homage to Mikhail Bulgakov, whose novel The Master and Margarita is considered the foremost of Soviet satires.

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