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2018 A Year of Great Wine Finds

2018 A Year of Great Wine Finds
(sorry, some are no longer in stock)

"One of my favorite aspects of buying wine is the constant change and challenge of finding great wines at all price points for our customers. 2018 was no exception to this challenge but at the same time was a great deal of fun. Here are the highlights of our 2018 Year in Wine." -- Aaron, Wine Manager, Forsyth location

Winery of the Year
Bodega Aleanna-El Enemigo
From the Perfect 100 Point 2013 Gran Enemigo Gualtallary to the exceptional value of the El Enemigo line (Cabernet Franc, Malbec and Chardonnay) no winery has captured my imagination more the Bodega Aleanna. Who knew Argentina could do such wonderful things with Cabernet Franc?

White Wine of the Year
2016 Joseph Drouhin Chassagne Montrachet Marquis Laguiche
I would challenge anyone who claims not to like Chardonnay to try this wine. While 2016 was a challenging vintage from a weather standpoint and the yields were quite low, the quality of the wines is outstanding. Drouhin's Chassagne Montrachet Laguiche has long been a favorite of mine and this vintage takes it to a new level.

(My vote was for the Pegau Cuvee A Tempo Blanc, granted we tasted it with just a few days left in the year, but it as amazing.  The review stated it tasted like Grand Cru Burgundy, that intrigued us enough to buy one to try.  It did not disappoint, Paul)
Sparkling Wine of the Year
2008 Roederer Cristal
Towards the middle of 2018 the chatter began about the upcoming release of Roederer's Iconic Tete de Cuvee and for those that know me they know I am not a patient person and I love and I mean really love great Champagne. The emails about the release of 2008 Cristal to my distributor and and the Importer started early and I did not let up until we had 40 cases in store. While we bought and sold loads of great Champagne this year what pushed this over the edge as my Sparkling Wine of the Year is the story of when we tasted it. As one of our many great customers was picking up his case of Cristal he stopped to ask if we had any left, then asked if we get in trouble for drinking on the job. Well 20 minutes later the 2008 Cristal was removed from the fridge and we all had a big smile on our faces. Nothing goes better with great Champagne than good friends a great customers. Thanks Charlie.

Red Wine of the Year
2010 Gran Enemigo Cabernet Franc Agrelo Vineyard
While this wine “only” scored 95/100 to my taste it more than held its own being tasted next to the 100 point 2013 Gran Enemigo Cabernet Franc Gualtallry. The extra bottle age really shows what these wines can do. I would not hesitate a bit to put this wine into a top flight Bordeaux or California Cabernet tasting and know it will more than hold its own. My initial tasting note say it all “As classy a bottle of red wine as I have tasted all year.”

Best Value of the Year
2015 Domaine Cabirau First Things First
Value is a hard term to define in the world of fine wine, but for me true value is finding a wine that punches well above it's weight in terms of price and versatility. I have had many $10 bottles that drink as well as a solid $20 and offer an immediate pleasure but lack the complexity and balance to pair with food, these wines offer a value for sure for me true value is in a wines versatility and balance. While not priced in a “value” range at $34.99 the beauty of the Domaine Cabirau First Things First is that it drinks more like a $60-$75 bottle of wine, balancing a great concentration of fruit along with a backbone of acid and tannin. Truly an eye opening experience.

Aaron Zwicker

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