Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Off Color Brewing Staveyard

Off Color Brewing Staveyard Oud Bruin...$9.99 / 2pk 12oz bottles

Yes, a 2 pack
Oud Bruin Style Ale
7.0% ABV

From Dave (the Other Guy): Hard to remember the last time I drank an Oud Bruin, or Flanders brown. As this project progressed, we realized our blend was going to essentially be an Oud Bruin other than unconventionally using the young beer to provide the acidity rather than the aged component. So prior to blending, I picked up a La Folie from New Belgium. It was transcendent and set an upsettingly high bar. The feeling of inadequacy lasted until tasting our final blend. Staveyard came out just as we hoped with multiple balancing layers of complexity integrating malty sweetness, rounded acidity, honey oxidation, and wood tannins with light mahogany hues. We even added the bubbles! The final beer is a blend of batch lactobacillus soured, malty young ale and biere de garde aged in neutral oak barrels for 50 weeks. Multiple complex layers integrate malty sweetness, rounded acidity, sweet honey oxidation, and wood tannins with light mahogany hues. 

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