Friday, August 18, 2017

Beer Tasting

All 4 stores will be tasting the Perennial Corail de Sang tonight from 4-6pm

Amazing tasting tonight!
Forsyth Tonight!

  • Perennial Corail de Sang
  • Founders Green Zebra
  • Stone 21st Hail to the Hop Thief
  • Founders DKML BA
  • Evil Twin Omnipollo Pink Lemonade IPA
  • Lagunitas WTF
Plus the tasting and release party of.....

All 4 stores will be tasting the Perennial Corail de Sang tonight from 4-6pm

Perennial Corail de Sang...$14.99
600 bottles produced
"Corail de Saing is a Belgian style Saison with torrified wheat aged in red wine puncheons with Brettanomyces for seven months.  Bottle conditioned, oak aged and brewed in collaboration with Paul Hayden and The Wine and Cheese Place to celebrate their 35th Anniversary." - label

More info from Chris Kinast....
"Corail de Sang was brewed back in September with loads of Torrified Wheat and a touch of American hops in the whirlpool, and fermented in Stainless Steel with our house clean Saison strain. From there it was transferred into 2 French red wine Puncheons with a signal strain of brettanomyces (Brett claussenni) and aged for 6 months before being packaged. It was then bottle conditioned for another 3 before it's release. Huge notes of tannic oak and almost a tropical fruit sweetness round out the pallet with just a slight tartness to finish it up. A touch of residual sweetness and a medium to high carb lead to a finish that will entice wine, cider or barrel-aged Saison drinkers alike. Corail de Sang will continue to develop in the bottle and age nicely (maybe a couple of years), but most will not build up any additional acidity." - Chris Kinast, Perennial Brewer

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