Monday, February 6, 2017

Growler Board update

Three new additions today
Limited release not in bottles here.
The Bruery collab with A Call to Arms
Deinde Repedo Sour Saison w/ Blueberries
7.45% ABV
A tart, barrel-fermented blueberry saison collaboration with Call to Arms. The name, Deinde Repedo, loosely translates to "Next Step". NextStep is an organization that aims to revolutionize the quality of healthcare for the physically-challenged. The beer's release today is timed with the conclusion of The Snow 2 Sand Charity Ride to raise awareness and support for NextStep. The bike ride started in Denver (at Call to Arms) and ended in Anaheim at Bruery Terreux for the beer's release.

Stone Brewing Jindia Double IPA
With Juniper, Ginger and Lemon Peel
Tired of being in the beer slump dumps? Looking for that certain sprightly spring sprig? Well search no further! One bottle of this aromatically fragrant, ginger-spiced lupulinicious liquid is all it takes to appease even the most rambunctious of palates. This is no snake oil philter good friends. We have the masterful inclination to call it exactly what it is – EXCITEMENT for your taste buds!
Made from the exotic ginger root, juniper berry tincture and a citrus peel duo of lemon and lime, these botanicals mix miraculously well with a double dose of the most delectable hops known to mankind. Be sure to crook that elbow of yours, for one gloriously refined swig! You’ll find that another is certain to follow as if by divine influence. Good for everything a beer ought to be good for. Beware of Jindia Pale Ale counterfeits from hucksters and mountebanks, and accept only this genuine article.

Very Limited Release, not in bottles
Grimm Artisanal Ales Cube Cuvee #1
Style: blended barrel aged sour ale
ABV: 6.5%
SRM: 14 (red/amber)
Acidity: Medium+
Cube Cuvée #1 represents the first in a new series of beers for us. Two years ago, we began stashing beers away in barrels to use in the production of blended sour beers that would include significant aging character. We finally have enough of these old barrels that we can begin to include them in blends. For this first release, we have selected barrels of 16 month old brown sour ale and 4 month old golden sour. Something in the ballpark of a Flemish Red, CC1 is refermented in the keg for a soft carb, and shows beautifully balanced dried fruit notes and a complex, oaky tartness. Draft only, for now.
Lauren adding cultures to barrels in 2014

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