Saturday, February 4, 2017

Great new french Malbec value.

2015 La Rousse Malbec...$9.99
The La Rousse Malbec is a silky, approachable Malbec with lush, soft tannins. The wine has nice deep purple color, and juicy blackberry, red licorice, and plum flavors. The delicious fruit flavors are accented by hints of coffee and tobacco, which add a bit of depth and complexity to the wine. The La Rousse Malbec is a wonderfully versatile red wine that can be paired with everything from barbeque, lamb, and a traditional casssoulet, to burgers and pizza.

More info on the wine and the origins of Malbec:
Malbec, a grape variety that is now almost synonymous with Argentinian wine, is originally from France. Though some people speculate that the grape variety originates from Burgundy, it was planted widely throughout France until the middle of the 20th century. Historically the grape is associated with Bordeaux, where it was commonly used as a blending grape. However, many people would agree that the most famous expression of the Malbec comes from Cahors, which requires a minimum of 70% Malbec in their wines. Though susceptible to frost, Malbec is a hearty grape variety that will grow almost anywhere, which is why it has been planted in so many different regions. Malbec is planted in climates ranging from the cool Loire to the heat of the Languedoc. As it has moved from place to place, Malbec has accumulated (some estimate) over 400 different names. The most common synonyms for Malbec are Auxerrois (not related to Pinot Auxerois Blanc) and Cot. Cot is still commonly used as a name for Malbec in the South of France. For the La Rousse Malbec, we teamed up with the talented oenologist, Pierrick Harang, to create a wine that is a balanced, and authentic expression of this extraordinary grape variety. 

About the Artist: The image on the label was painted by the Ohio artist Kate Morgan. Kate is an award winning, emerging artist based in Columbus, Ohio. She is best know for her figurative prints and paintings. If you would like to see more of her work please visit: 

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