Saturday, July 30, 2016

Limited Beer and Whiskey "Pop Up"

Beer Pop-Up
-- Another 20 new people have been randomly selected from the top 500 in the BRC.  Again, this is a way to reward people that frequent the store.   (out of the last 20, 16 claimed their bottle, 4 missed out)

We are doing it a little different now.  Instead of having a specific beer picked for you, you will be able to pick a bottle from a list of 5-6 very limited beers.   Beers you want :)

Whiskey Pop Up
We are starting a whiskey pop up now also.  We have randomly selected 20 people from the top 400 in the WRC.
When you check out at the register, a notice will pop up saying you can purchase a bottle of limited whiskey.   If you are one of the lucky random people, you will be able to choose a bottle from a list of very sought after bourbons/whiskeys to purchase.  The Bourbons will be very limited bourbons that we saved a bottle of or somebody did not pick up their allocation. There will be some exciting whiskeys available.

Thanks very much as we continue to try to improve the release of these limited items and give people more chances.  

It does not matter which store you shop, or if you shop online, it is all the same system.  The limited items are located at Forsyth though,  so if you shop at one of our other stores, we will get you a list of what is available for you to choose from and have it transferred as soon as possible for you to pick up at your next convenience.


Anonymous said...

So if you buy something online will it tell you that you've been selected or do you find out when you pick it up.

Paul Hayden said...

Only when you pick up

Unknown said...

So if you have it shipped are you still eligible for the pop up?

Paul Hayden said...

Yes, it is random. So if you place an order online and we go to ring it at the register, you could get a pop up and we would contact you and see what you want.

Unknown said...

Got it - thanks