Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Pinckney Bend Rye and Rested Whiskey - Limited release

Pinckney Bend Rye and Rested Whiskey...$49.99
3 Year Old Rye
100 proof
Rye History
In the late 1700s and early 1800s rye was the grain that most American whiskey was made from. As the country expanded westward, corn began to replace rye and by the end of Prohibition, rye had largely disappeared.

Flavor Profile
The spicy, sometimes described as ‘peppery’ notes of rye whiskey often show best when blended with the natural sweetness of whiskey made from corn. Distinctive vanillin and caramel notes add complexity and character. Rye & Rested Whiskey is a blend of 55% rye and 45% Pinckney Bend’s award winning Rested American Whiskey. The result is a unique flavor profile that accentuates the best aspects of each spirit.

The rye is aged in new, standard sized whiskey barrels, where the Rested is aged in new 15 gallon barrels. Here at the distillery, both whiskeys experience a seismic event every 40 minutes. It’s called the Missouri Pacific Railroad, and we are only 300 feet from the tracks.

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Anonymous said...

I was just curios if you had it at all the stores.
Also do they distill and bottle it in Missouri. I haven't check them out but I see Missouri in the description.