Friday, February 20, 2015

Bowmore - Devil's Cask and Dorus Mor

Limit 1 bottle per person.
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Due to the limited nature of these, if you reserve them, they must be picked up within 7 days or they will go back out for sale.

Bowmore Dorus Mor Small Batch Release II...$79.99
10 year Old Single Mat Whisky"Matured in the finest first fill bourbon barrels, which over time help to bring out Bowmore's trademark peaty smokiness, this non chill-filtered, small batch release from 2014 is a formidable tour de force worthy of the name Dorus Mor.  

Bowmore Devils Casks Single Malt Scotch Release II...$89.99 / 750ml
10 year Old Single Mat Whisky
Legend has it that the devil once visited the church in Bowmore. Now if you’ve ever seen it,you’ll know that the church is circular, built that way (so it’s said) so there would be no corner in which the devil could hide. The local congregation spotted the devil and chased him down through the village, into the gates of Bowmore Distillery. Here, the warehousemen were filling casks and loading them aboard the paddle steamer, The Maid of Islay. Gates and doors locked tight shut, every inch of the distillery was searched, but to no avail. As legend goes, the devil escaped in a cask of Bowmore bound for the mainland.

Matured exclusively, and unusually in the finest first fill sherry casks, which help to bring out Bowmore’s hot and fiery characteristics, this small batch release is, quite simply, devilishly good!

On the eye deep mahogany Breathe in dark fruits, birch tar, the seductive warmth of old leather, brandy, fruitcake and maple syrup.

Sip rich fruitcake, tarry chocolate, lingering dark fruits, tobacco and angelica root.

Savour the exceptionally long, full-bodied finish.

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