Saturday, February 7, 2015

New Cheverny - very small production

2013 Pascal Bellier Cheverny Blanc...$17.99
Appellation Cheverny: Organo Leptique character of wine
Colour: Bright, pale gold
Taste: dry with a powerful aroma and evocative bouquet of blackcurrant buds.
Longevity: should be drunk young. From 7 to 8 °C
Goes well: Harmonious with seafood, fish, and deli meats
Grape varieties: 80% Sauvignon - 20% Chardonnay

2012 Pascal Bellier Cour Cheverny....$21.99
Colour: Clear yellow with tints of gold when becoming old.
Taste: Strong in its youthfulness, great delicacy that reminds marzipan and peppery mint, then maturing to acacia and honey.
Very long in mouth.
Longevity: should be drunk young, but very good aptitude to for ageing
Goes well: fish cooked in sauce, asparagus, and white meat.
Grape varieties: 100% Romorantin

"Romorantin is a traditional French variety of white wine grape, that is a sibling of Chardonnay. Once quite widely grown in the Loire, it has now only seen in the Cour-Cheverny AOC. It produces intense, minerally wines somewhat reminiscent of Chablis." - Wikipedia

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