Friday, February 6, 2015

Few limited BRC releases...

We are getting a lot of inquiries about these two...

This one will go through the BRC - will print the report on Monday Feb, 9th.

Firestone Walker Sucaba 2015
A barrel aged English Barley wine. Big boozy bourbon and American oak aromas combine with soft chocolate malt undertones. Complex malt flavors framed in oak with hints of dark chocolate, vanilla, toasted coconut and a touch of dark cherry. A sipping beer best served in a Brandy snifter.

REMEMBER: Watch for bottled on dates located on the necks or bottom left corner of the label for each of our beers. Our Proprietor's Reserve Series, Barrel-aged beers are built to be aged carefully. Storing in a dark place at or below 40F will allow them to best age for several years.

Deschutes "Super Jubel". 
We are told this is coming to The Wine and Cheese Place.  Still not here yet, could be a few weeks.  This one will also go through the BRC, at least some of it will be based on Deschutes purchases in the BRC.  

Deschutes Jubel 2015
"Super Jubel" was first released in 2010 and was planned on being once a decade release, but the brewery says they could not wait another 5 years and decided to release one this year!


Anonymous said...

Have the Sucaba emails been sent out? Thanks.

Paul Hayden said...

Yes, sorry they did go out already