Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Lagunitas Nightime

Lagunitas Nightime Fear the Dark Ale...$3.59 / 22oz

8.5% ABV
There are two kinds. There is the DayTime kind, which is bright and welcoming and then there is the NightTime kind, which should never be confused with the DayTime. NightTime is dark and deep and may take you to unexpected places, places that the DayTime cannot. But then, the NightTime is not suited for ordinary life and ordinary tasks. In fact, NightTime may be the answer for that sort of thing, meaning that those sorts of things may never get done. Things take time in the NightTime, things slow down and you can puase (you have to, actually) and investigate carefully to find that level of objective detachment that is only possible under the spell of the NightTime. Seek the Day, but fear not the Night.


Anonymous said...

Can we get some at new ballas By this afternoon...Gotta get a few bottles for the weekend.

Paul Hayden said...

Looks like it will not be until Monday, sorry.

Paul Hayden said...

Turns out, it will be at New Balls and Ballwin today.