Saturday, October 22, 2016

Eden Mill St. Andrews Gins

A Scottish brewery now making gins.  Apparently located right next to the famous St. Andrews Golf Course.

Eden Mill St. Andrews Original Gin...$28.99 / 750ml
Made from Fife’s indigenous seabuckthorn berry, in Original we balance tart flavours with a citrus nose and delicate midpoints.
This is a classic London Dry gin done in St Andrews style. And with a bonus 20cl in this bottle, it’s the perfect go-to pour. How will you enjoy yours?
KEY BOTANICALS:  Juniper berries, Lemon balm, Citrus peel, Angelica and Seabuckthorn berries

Eden Mill St. Andrews Gin Hop...$28.99 / 750ml
We craft beer. So it was logical to create a hopped gin. But this citrusy, unique creation has a zesty freshness that is born of passion, not logic.  Made from the renowned Australian Galaxy™ hop, we married brewing with distilling in this award-winning extra-strength gin.
KEY BOTANICALS:  Juniper berries, Angelica, Coriander and Galaxy™ hops

Eden Mill St. Andrews Love Gin...$28.99 / 750ml
The famous pink gin. You fell head over heels for its floral and warm berry notes. But this unique gin is also a favourite of bartenders around the country.
Made with love by Eden Mill.
KEY BOTANICALS:  Juniper berries, Angelica, Coriander, Rose petal, Hibiscus, Elderberry, Goji berry, Raspberry leaf, and Rhubarb root

Eden Mill St. AndrewsOak Aged Gin...$28.99 / 750ml
A throwback to a bygone era. In the century, the most popular gin made on our site was stored in vast oak barrels. Why re-invent the wheel?
Matured with oak-aged beer casks, this gin carries hints of vanilla and toasted caramel. 42% abv.
KEY BOTANICALS: Juniper berries, Angelica, Coriander, Oak (only oak aged for a few months, they do not want the oak to be subtle like one of the botanicals)

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