Tuesday, August 5, 2014

94 Point Hungarian White wine....

2011 Royal Tokaji Ferment....$14.99
"Don’t be fooled by the price: This may be a fraction of the cost of one of Royal Tokaji’s Aszú wines, but it’s just as carefully made. Sourced from the company’s first-growth vineyards in Mad and Tarcal, this furmint positively glows with flavor, moving from apricot into a red fruit realm, like great riesling sometimes does. The variety’s fiery acidity belts it, drawing attention back to the stony flavor at the wine’s center. Half the blend spent time in oak, an element that grows in impression over the course of several days; put it away for a year to let it better integrate, as it should be worth the wait."
Rated 94/100 Wine and Spirits Magazine

What is Furmint?
Furmint (FOOR-mint) is a white varietal grown in Hungary and is the main ingredient of Tokaji Aszú wines. This yellowish-green grape displays a bouquet reminiscent of ripe apples in youth. After aging in wood, Furmint develops aromas of honey and walnuts. Rich in extract, it makes a heady, robust wine with pronounced acid. It is an early-budding, late-ripening variety and is particularly susceptible to botrytis. Often characterized by its high alcohol levels, Furmint’s high acidity gives the wine longevity.

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