Thursday, August 7, 2014

Evil Twin back in stock!

All back in stock now!

Evil Twin Molotov Cocktail Imperial IPA....$13.99 / 4pk
Style: Imperial IPA
ABV:  13%
Did you like Before During and after Christmas, maybe you thought it poured brilliantly, the alcohol was admirable well hidden and you loved how the arrogant amounts of hops numbed you. This beer will knock your tongue off, essentially due to the obscure amounts of hops that went down this explosive fella – it’s a tour de force in hoppiness and by far the craziest beer ever made from Evil Twin – but not the last ‘Mwahahahaahhaha’

Rated 97/100 RateBeer

Evil Twin Lil' B Imperial Porter.......$13.99 / 4pk
Imperial Porter 11.5% ABV
Rated 98/100 RateBeer
"Shall one compare the to a fair beer, not even this perfect porter before thou will do thee justice.  Thou art more complex, brave and cunning.  Thou have changed more than a brew will ever.  Thou may be lil' but thy mid is greater than words can speak and beer will ever taste." -- label

Evil Twin Brewing Freudian Slip....$12.99 / 4pk
"Did you also at some point in your life get seduced by promising words like "probably the best in the world", "it works every time" etc.?  This American Barley Wine Ale says it how it is.  It's intense, attention seekingly hoppy, and definitely your kind of beer.  A beer with a big ego, drive and huge thirst for recognition." -- label
Rated 99/100 RateBeer
Evil Twin I Love You with My Stout...$13.99 / 4pk
“When I copied the famous Even More Jesus, I had to ask myself as an artist, why am I doing this? I didn’t honestly know. It was just an instinct about beer as pure form… in a sense this stout is like a metaphor for freedom - the sum of all the beauty that surrounds me and my perfect contemporary existence.”
- Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø, Brewer and founder of Evil Twin Brewing
Style: Imperial Stout
Brewed:Two Roads Brewing Co
ABV: 12%

Evil Twin Glazed Imperial Doughnut Break...$14.99 / 22oz
Rated 98/100 RateBeer
"Did the flavors of sugar and bitter sweet almonds and coffee in Imperial Biscotti Break also make you sentimental?  Now we topped it off with insane amounts of doughnuts.  This all time American favorite is making it's way back into the spotlight and we at Evil Twin Brewing are not letting a tasty trend pass us by without taking it to the next level.  Drink it with great gusto - Forza Doughnuts. " - label

Evil Twin Hipster Ale...$8.49 / 4pk CANS

Perhaps you heard of a worldwide beer-movement that tributes favorite hipster neighbourhoods across the globe. First came Istedgade, Copenhagen then Södermalm, Stockholm followed by Williamsburg, New York and Shoreditch, London accompanied by Trastevere, Rome & last El Raval, Barcelona. If you feel excluded because you’re hip but your city is not, this cutting-edge, ‘hip without borders’ pale ale is an homage to you – the global hipster. Cheers!

Rated 94/100 RateBeer

Evil Twin Bikini Beer....$6.49 / 4pk 12oz CANS
English: Lets be frank - this is a sissy beer. 2.7 % alcohol, attractively light bodied, and annoyingly well-balanced hops. Put on your best bikini and enjoy this very, very drinkable beer in the sun, at this summers festivals, or even better use it to slowly seduce your nagging friends with an anxiety for craft beer.

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